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Enriching Lives. Do you believe in butterfly theory? We do. A simple action could result in a huge outcome. And we have embarked on a journey in pursuit of unearthing the lost treasure and make it available to all of us around us. We specialize in premium and ancient varieties of rice and rapidly expanding our enriching food produce. From tens of thousands of varieties of rice, we have been limited a rice that are nameless, odorless and tasteless. It is our mission to promote the lesser known ancient traditional varieties that come with a load of nutrients, to name a few – Mapillai Samba, Karuppu Kavuni, Kaatu Yaanam, Poongar, Kullakar, Kichili Samba, Seeraga Samba, Ponni.

Enriching Farmers’ Lives. We are proud farmers ourselves and we are closely associated with a larger community of farmers. We directly source our produce from 300+ farmers cutting down several layers of middle men. Thus, we ensure that our farmers get the right price while we deliver the right produce to the customers.

Enriched Produce. Quite like the wine that gets better with time, rice becomes healthier, tastier and fluffier with age. Our paddy is stored for about a year in pristine conditions, before it hits the mills!

Enriching Customer Lives. We source Ponni from the paddy fields that are nurtured by the opulently fertile soil along the banks of Cauvery. It really does matter where a crop grows. We source the varieties from where it grows the best. Our produce filters through several process checks that ensures quality all the way from the selection of the finest seeds to storing the harvested paddy in pristine conditions.

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